Heart Phoenix 2013: Love & Gratitude To Our Community

After almost 3 years of concept work and nearly a year of project planning, fundraising, and construction we arrived on the playa with Heart Phoenix – a project that was the culmination of passion, vision, dedication, fun, and good old fashioned hard work. We created something entirely new, inspired, next level, and way beyond what we thought we could achieve with the resources and time available… which is exactly why we did it. It’s simply not fun unless it’s impossible.

Heart Phoenix was created by a small fabrication team led by artist, organizer, and producer, Adam Ebel. Phoenix fabrication, engineering work, and on-playa installation was led by the amazing Justin Grant – with  welding and fabrication support from Alex. Transportation, setup, strike, and operational support by the incredible Rubeun Tan. The gorgeous Heart Phoenix DJ throne was created by the always fabulous Sasha Robinson. Pyramid lighting effects were designed and coded by the inimitable Garth Winter Webb, along with fabrication of the Eye of Horus and Heart Phoenix emblems. We worked with the uber-talented Jen Murse on the coveted and breathtaking Heart Phoenix pendants. Event organizing/promotion, talent booking, music curation, and much more by the illustrious Josh Vincent. We are grateful to the phenomenally talented Sasha Yamnik for bringing her photographic skills into the mix at all of our fundraising events and on the playa this year. Event support and fundraising coordination was graciously managed by the beautiful Allegra Lucas – and we had tremendous support this year from the rest of our core community, many of whom contributed countless hours to the project for our fundraisers and on weekends leading up to Burning Man.

Check out this awesome video of Heart Phoenix 2013 created by Greg Liburd:


Special thanks (in no particular order) to Alex Schleifer, Melissa Tan, Amit Verma, Quilet Rarang, Janet Go, Yusuf Bashir, Lu Elian, Monica Decker, Stephan Ford (Jive), Synnora Regehr, Adam Edell, Jen Woolfe, Brent Hall, John Brecht, Helen Kang, Jonny Gerrish, Rudy Tan, Jennifer Bowman, Henry Har, Adam Gensler, London Elise, Tanya Yakimets, Bryan Beeley, Kaiti Carpenter, Debbi Holmgren, Dan Dunkle, Fumiko Docker, Devon Frohne, Kyra Bramble, Min Ta, Ilya Likterov, Angelica Kushi, Shahid Buttar, Stephanie Lenorovitz, and many others for offering the project so much heart. And huge thanks to our on-playa support team including many of the aforementioned folks – plus John Boyd, Holger Matthews, Christian Moffat, Greg Liburd, and others.

Mad love and appreciation to our Indiegogo contributors, supporters, and our extended community… without whom none of this would have been possible, and we’d like to extend a very special thank you to all the incredible DJ’s and artists who performed on the Heart Phoenix experience on the playa this year including our residents:

Josh Vincent (Heart Phoenix)

Vitamindevo (Laser Native, Heart Phoenix)

A.M. Rebel (Heart Phoenix)

… and guest DJ’s (in alphabetical order):

Adnan Sharif (ForwardSF, D-Edge, Sao Paolo)


Boris Levit

Dax Lee (Nexus)

Derek Hena (Pink Mammoth)

Galen (Sunset Sound System)

Gravity (Pink Mammoth)


Jaybee (Tasty)

Markie B (Pink Mammoth)

Nico Stojan (Berlin)

Peter Blick

Zita Molnar

…we loved every beat!

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