Artistic Intent for Heart Phoenix

“Every once in a while an idea comes along that is so powerful… so compelling… so right… you just can’t get it out of your mind until you see it. Each of my art installations have been exactly like that… and this one is not excluded by any means.

I came up with the concept for Heart Phoenix while traveling through SE Asia in the fall of 2010 after the debut of Heart Deco – and here we are 2+ years later actually building this incredible work of art for Burning Man 2013.

My team and I completed Heart Deco in 60 days from start to finish, and we were gifted with 3 amazing years and the support of the entire Burning Man community. We felt it – and we’ll never forget it. This year we felt something else – that the time was right to evolve our project and bring a new inspired design to the playa.

This redesign celebrates the essence of transformation. Heart Phoenix captures a moment… a snapshot of a massive transformation taking place. This piece celebrates a joyous expansion and rediscovery of our hearts… of our true selves. The beautiful places within us and each other that we may have lost touch with… or maybe never knew at all. And finally… a (re)discovery of magic and possibility.

We want to illuminate these possibilities on the playa in 2013 through this singularity – this moment where a phoenix is being reborn from its ashes while singing an entrancing song… one so beautiful it makes even the sun stop to listen.”

Adam Ebel (artist & founder Heart Deco/Phoenix)

Design Concept (Front)